I make temporary interventions and objects that question, which I often locate outside a gallery setting. In my practice, I work across drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. I am particularly interested in our environments; how we build, negotiate and use them.
I investigate our public and shared spaces. How do we use them? What and who are they are for? Are they are fit for purpose for humans in the 21st century. These spaces should be democratic. I am interested in exploring the possibilities for reconnecting, celebrating, questioning the places and spaces we use; in noticing; in agency.

A fascination with, and fetishisation of objects manifests itself in gallery, museum, religious, shared and domestic contexts. It forms a vast, sprawling, but accurate set of portraits of lives and preoccupations. Examining the role of objects is a not only a way to investigate the intentions of the maker, but to trace changes in ‘taste’; what and who an individual, a society, an institution chooses to celebrate, to keep.
Collections, private or public, illustrate social structures, private interests and neuroses, ideas around fashion, status and consumerism. Always in a state of flux, meaning is formed and reformed. The relationship between the readymade and mass-produced or commemorative objects; between luxury, ephemera, trash and ordinary, is rich and fascinating.

Pieces hover between built, un-built and grown. An appropriation of familiar, mundane materials and techniques into another context, allows the viewer to see again the plain, the overlooked, the grotesque, the ordinary.